*Important Note

This program is not providing job offers nor is it a notice of an employment opportunity. Education Vacation programs are intended for skilled trainers who love to teach and are looking to partner with a company who can deliver great venues and handle all the logistics of administering and managing your event. While we can provide some marketing assistance, it is primarily the trainer's responsibility to identify a potential participant base and enthusiastically market the program to them.  We are not simply looking for speakers, but rather program partners. One of the things we require is commitment on your part. A demonstration of this commitment is an expectation that if we structure a program for you and hold group space with a cruise line or land vendor, you will book and deposit your stateroom or resort room immediately.  If the group does not materialize prior to final payment, you can cancel your reservation and your money will be refunded. However, as the old saying goes, "you've got to have some skin in the game." If this fits your needs, we encourage you to fill out the form below and initiate the process of launching your program.

Create an Education Vacation

Do you love to teach and people tell you you're good at it? If that describes you, think about creating an "Education Vacation." A very popular way to provide required or optional training to people who need CEU credits or other documented training is to combine the training with a trip that creates fun, relaxation, a chance to get away and take the family and learn important information at the same time. Formal classroom time can be worked into a very managable schedule that balances work and play. Important team building exercises can be incorporated into excursions or outdoor times making it fun, exciting and very instructional for the participants. We can help with marketing the program to your list of potential participants and also give you exposure to others as well. To see an example of how an Education Vacation may be structured, click here.

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