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*The United States Department of Homeland Security and TSA requires full legal given names including first, middle and last, dates of birth, gender, citizenship, Passport number and expiration dates. If this event is a cruise and embarks and disembarks from the same US Port, a Passport may not be required if you are a US Citizen as it would meet the "closed Loop" exception however,However, if you would have to fly home from a foreign port a Passport would be required for reentry into the US.
Government issued ID such as a driver license and certified copy of your birth certificate will be required in lieu of valid Passport. If you are a non US Citizen living in the United States under provision of a Green Card or other authorized entry status and you have queestions about leaving and returning the US, please contact your regional office of US Immigration to determine whether you can take this trip. Immigration matters are highly complex and we do not offer any information on those matters.
Personal information you enter on the registration form is secure and encrypted for your protection. We do not share, sell or use your information for any purpose other than to register you for this program and communicate important information about the program to you. If you have any questions or concerns about the security of your information, please call 877 836-1949.

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