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People Matter and Results Count!

Effective and efficient event management is what we are about.

We will help you create an enjoyable, interesting, stimulating and cost effective event that is a booming success with your participants and accomplishes your business objectives. That is our mission.  We have the experience and knowledge to guide you through the complexities of planning your event whether it is for 10 or 1,000 people.

What type of event would you like to do?

​Whether its a standard hotel venue, land resort and spa or luxurious ship, we can make your event seamless. 

Want to reward your best employees or most valuable customers?

​Do you know that properly structured and managed, incentive programs don't cost you money, they make you money!

Where do I begin?
The first step is to let us know what you would like to do and when you you would like to do it. Click on the button and start

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Why should you consider using an independent, third party planner? Because we will be a trusted partner in getting you the best and most for your event dollars.


Let's be honest, many companies rely on support or administrative staff to plan and coordinate their business meetings, conferences and training programs. They may also take a stab at trying to develop their own incentive awards programs. All the while, they are diverted from the primary job they were hired to do. Many times costly errors or omissions are made in planning the event simply because they have never been trained in event managment. Save time and money and let the pro's do it for you.  We know the tricks of the trade and pitfalls to avoid in putting together complex events with contracts and the myriad of penalties you can incur if you do the wrong things.


We can save your company money!

Companies spend billions on corporate meetings in the U.S.every year, yet only a small percentage have this sizable but fragmented spend under management. An interesting statistic gathered from Star Cite: 80% of meetings are planned in advance but account for only 50% of a company’s meeting budget. It’s those last-minute meetings, perhaps planned spur-of-the-moment, that eat away at half of a company’s program expenditures. It’s the smaller meetings, those 50 people or less, that are open to the greatest exposure to loss, and those account for 2/3 of all company meetings. These meetings are usually planned outside of the normal channels, i.e. not through the meeting planning department and instead by personnel in other departments. The reasoning for the loss is five-fold:

1. Smaller meetings are generally sourced by non-professional planners (perhaps a secretary, administrative assistant or marketing coordinator at the firm).

2. They are usually overlooked by upper management.

3. There is no reporting, feedback or tracking of these smaller meetings and their attendee costs, so there’s no accountability structure in place.

4. Because they are not sourced professionally, cost leveraging opportunities are missed (for example, the booking of multiple programs with one vendor, which often result in cost-savings, is not present).

5.The shorter lead times leave less chance for cost comparisons, and ensuing negotiations. Under the gun, planners are forced to just accept what hotels or other venues offer to them.

Planning Your Event

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