Destination - Portugal

Lisbon is a Great MICE Destination

Ten Reasons Why Lisbon is a Great Choice for your Next International Meeting or Incentive Program.
I recently had the opportunity to visit Lisbon, Portugal and the surrounding areas of Cascais and Sintra as a guest of the Lisbon Convention Bureau. As a first time visitor to the city, I have to say it exceeded my expectations in every way. I believe there are some really compelling reasons to consider Lisbon as an exciting and cost effective destination for your next international meeting or incentive program. Here are 10 good reasons why I think you should give it a close look. 

1. Lisbon is Affordable and a Good Value.
As I have traveled and done business around Europe, I have generally found it not to be inexpensive given the exchange rate between the US Dollar and Euro and the going rate for goods and services in most countries. In Lisbon however, I found prices quite reasonable and affordable. Taxis are very clean and relatively inexpensive. Restaurant dining is exceptionally well priced and the variety and quality of food is outstanding. Shopping is plentiful and prices seem very fair. Hotel rates and venue prices are more than competitive and I think your overall spend will be lower in Portugal than other European destinations.
2. Lisbon is Picturesque and Very Beautiful.
The city of Lisbon and surrounding area is stunning with its hills, sea views, charming cobblestone streets and colorful buildings. The hills provide views that are incredible. The city itself is very clean and seems to be well maintained. Everywhere you look; there is a great picture opportunity. It may be Europe’s best kept secret.
3. Lisbon has Rich History and Culture.
Portugal is one of the oldest European cities and has been a strong and powerful world power. As you explore the palaces and castles, narrow winding streets, monuments and avenues, there is unique history everywhere. The Royal Coach Museums, monastaries, palaces and castles and other unique sites make Lisbon an incredible and interesting place to visit.
4. Welcoming, Warm and Friendly People that Provide Strong Support for your Event.
The Portuguese people are a very friendly and hospitable bunch. They make you feel quite welcome and you can get by very well with English as many Portuguese are very fluent. Lisbon is a very safe and secure city where you can explore freely. For those planning an event there, the Lisbon Convention Bureau is excellent to work with. They will do everything to help make an event easy and successful. A wide array of DMC, Hotels and event venues are waiting to help. We made excellent contacts with many of them on our trip there and were very impressed with them.
5. Great Options for the Type of Atmosphere you want to Create.
Imagine the luxurious surroundings of a historic Palace and its beautiful gardens. Alternatively, a high tech urban environment that is at the center of exciting night life and shopping. How about a spectacular seaside resort area like Cascais or the beautiful mountains of Sintra. Whatever your preference, you can create an unparalleld atmosphere that is sure to excite your participants and create an event that will be memorable.
6. Excellent Hotel Choices in Lisbon and the surrounding area.
Whether you are looking for a less expensive city center hotel or a 5 star waterfront resort, the Lisbon area has great choices, from Palaces to golf resorts. It’s all there!
7. Lisbon has a Wide Variety of Interesting and Unique Meeting and Event Venues.
From small, intimate executive meeting space to large convention centers, Lisbon offers great variety in modern, well equipped and efficient venues to accommodate virtually any size and type of event. Imagine your outdoor event on the grounds of a castle at the top of the mountain or in the historic Royal Coach Museum. Interesting and exciting is an understatement!
8. Vibrant and Exciting Night Life.
If exciting night life is your thing, you don’t have to look far in Lisbon for upbeat and chic clubs that you can dance the night away at.
9. Accessibility to Lisbon is Very Good and Reasonable.
Portugal is situated on the very western side of Europe and can cut hours off of travel time. TAP Airlines, Portugal’s national airline provides outstanding service and good connections. All major carriers have regularly scheduled flights. 

10. Lisbon is Fun!
My trip to Lisbon was highly enjoyable and the combined experience of the first nine reasons I gave you to consider Portugal will give you similar experiences in my opinion. Without hesitation, I can recommend Lisbon as an ideal Meeting and Incentive Destination.